Core Making

    • Omega continuous mixer for no bake sand
    • Automatic Shell Core Shooter-Susha Make
    • LPG based core heating system
    • Batch mixers for Chromite and CO2 core making

Sand Plant

    • Omega make 20 Tons per hour continuous mixer
    • Furan No bake sand
    • Mechanical Sand Reclamation System
    • Automatic Sand Cooling System

Furan No-Bake Fast Loop Moulding

    • Rotating table type fast loop line with 6 stations
    • Automatic rollover stripping machine
    • Flood coating station
    • LPG based mould curing ovens
    • Max Casting Weight-300 Kilograms/Piece
    • Max Liquid Metal-500 Kilograms
    • Flask less mould sizes

Furan No Bake Floor Moulding

    • Max Casting Weight-2 Ton/Piece
    • Max Liquid Metal-3 Tons
    • Customized Mould Boxes





    • Furnaces-Inductotherm-High Density Medium Frequency
    • Digital Control Unit
    • Multimatic-Melting/Holding(1500 kW/0 Kw)
    • LPG based ladle pre-heating systems
    • State of the art dust collection systems
    • Casting Deriser
    • Digital Control Unit
    • Nozzle blasting
    • Swing Frame Grinders
    • LPG based ladle pre-heating systems
    • Pneumatic/Electric Grinders


Shake Out, Shot Blasting & Finishing


Heat Treatment

    • Bogie Type Heat Treatment Furnace
    • LPG based heating system
    • Calibrated according to international standards.
    • Upto 1000 C with automatic computerized temperature controller and scanner
    • Processes:Annealing & Stress Relieving
    • Painting booths for Spray painting
    • Customized paint to meet customer needs
    • Sea & Air worthy packing


Painting & Packaging