• "Having seen many foundries across the world, i am indeed impressed by the thought and ingenuity that has gone into the plant"
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Welcome to Dakshin Foundry

A modern, automated, eco friendly ferrous foundry, part of the Bhartia Group, involved in high value engineering solutions. We offer Grey Iron & SG Iron Castings through a No Bake moulding process employing computer aided methoding, thermal analysis, tool design and pattern making.
Currently, Dakshin is operating with an installed capacity of approximately 6000 MT annually. We are fully equipped with the infrastructure & expertise to produce hi-quality and complex, finished ferrous castings for a wide range of engineering industries worldwide.

Our Motto

"WHY?" Letter Collage (questions explanations help support how)

Our Motto is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by meeting the constantly evolving engineering & service demands. We are committed to deliver time bound and need specific castings.

Our experienced and qualified team works to exceed customer expectations guaranteeing consistent quality and customer satisfaction.


Why Dakshin?

"WHY?" Letter Collage (questions explanations help support how)

We are a one stop total casting solution viz design engineering, pattern development, castings, machining & assembly.

The purpose and philosophy of this enterprise is to break away from stereotype market concepts and provide customers with total business value by working in close partnership.

We strongly believe in professional transparency as well as forming long term relationships with all our customers.


Quality Stamper

We have the capability to deliver low to medium batch size castings with stringent quality controls, dimensional stability and aesthetic requirements.

All this is supported by appropriate levels of automation, and the Dakshin assurance of total quality management from raw material procurement to finished castings.

We have the in-house capability to fulfil all customer requirements as well as SPC/SQC techniques to ensure quality as per the customer’s requirements.